Volterra Partners Workshop, Inspiring Future Business Leaders.

On the 20th of June, 2024, South Bank University Sixth Form (SBUSixth) had the pleasure of hosting an exciting workshop led by Volterra Partners, our local strategic partners in the business and finance pathway. Based in Oval/Kennington, Volterra Partners brought two of their expert consultants along with their colleagues to engage our L3 students in a unique group activity.

During the workshop, students worked on creating 50-minute mini cities, a project designed to highlight the importance of strategic socio-economic decisions in property and infrastructure. This hands-on experience was invaluable in helping students understand real-world issues and the impact of such decisions.

Volterra Partners, known for their niche economic consultancy, specialise in evaluating the economic, health, social, and equality impacts of property development projects and transport infrastructure. Their work with local councils nationwide provides socio-economic consultancy for new city designs and sustainable infrastructure, making their insights particularly relevant and inspiring for our students.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which not only enhanced their understanding but also fostered a greater appreciation for the complexities involved in city planning and development. Workshops like these are crucial in providing practical, real-world learning opportunities that prepare our students for future challenges in their careers.

Being part of the LSBU Group, SBUSixth is proud to collaborate with partners like Volterra to deliver such enriching educational experiences. Thank you, Volterra Partners, for your invaluable contribution and for making this workshop a memorable event for all involved.

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