SBUSixth Values

Learn more about our core values at SBUSixth.

Our Values

It is our mission to develop young professionals with the skills and knowledge for successful careers in the health, engineering and business and finance sectors. We are proud to innovate, delivering an enhanced curriculum with university and employer partners to develop our students’ social and cultural capital, readying them for their next steps.

We have a set of values in place to help focus and guide our students in everything they do.

Innovation. Integrity. Intent.

Our innovative approach to teaching and learning allows creative thinking and develops problem solving skills. It helps to prepare our students for work, higher education and apprenticeships.

Innovation is learning together.
Innovation is having a can do attitude.
Innovation is expressing ideas.
Innovation is industry led learning.

Integrity is about professional conduct and trust in the quality of our work and the way our students conduct themselves.

Integrity is listening to each other.
Integrity is knowing who you are.
Integrity is caring for each other.

A clear intent drives forward our ambition to succeed and perform to the highest of our ability.

Intent is embracing ambition.
Intent is knowing your next move.

We want to maximise achievement through innovative teaching and learning and the development of high quality partnerships with LSBU and industry.

We want to develop young people with the key skills for modern working: listening, presenting, problem solving, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork.

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