A-Level Chemistry

Welcome to SBUSixth’s A-Level Chemistry – Unraveling the World of Chemical Sciences!

Are you intrigued by the mysteries of matter and the transformations it undergoes? Look no further than SBUSixth’s A-Level Chemistry program, where you’ll embark on a captivating journey into the realm of chemical sciences. Located in the vibrant heart of Brixton Hill, South London, SBUSixth offers an exceptional educational experience tailored to fuel your passion for chemistry.

Why Choose SBUSixth’s A-Level Chemistry?

Our commitment to nurturing scientific curiosity sets us apart. At SBUSixth, we believe in fostering a profound understanding of chemistry’s fundamental principles. Our A-Level Chemistry program not only imparts foundational knowledge but also cultivates critical thinking and analytical skills vital for success in chemistry and beyond.

Exploring the Core Content:

Dive deep into the world of chemistry with our comprehensive A-Level curriculum. Uncover the secrets of matter, chemical reactions, and the periodic table. Our program covers a range of core topics, including:

  • Atomic structure and the Periodic Table
  • Chemical bonding, structure, and properties
  • Chemical reactions and kinetics
  • Organic chemistry
  • Analytical techniques and practical skills

Mastering Essential Skills:

Develop a range of skills essential for scientific inquiry, research, and problem-solving. From conducting experiments to analyzing data and presenting findings, our program equips you with tools that extend beyond the laboratory.

A Gateway to Possibilities:

A-Level Chemistry opens doors to a myriad of academic and career pathways. Whether your aspirations lead you toward chemical engineering, medicine, pharmaceuticals, or environmental science, our program provides a strong foundation for your chosen path.

Transforming Passion into Reality:

SBUSixth’s A-Level Chemistry is your gateway to a world of chemical wonders and innovation. Join us to unravel the mysteries of the chemical sciences and embark on a captivating journey of discovery and understanding.


Qualification1 A level
Exam BoardOCR  Specification
Course Entry Requirements5 grade 5s including English and Maths and 6s in Chemistry or Combined Science
Duration of qualification2 years
Timetable hours5 hours per week
Assessment methodTwo externally assessed examinations plus a non-examined practical
Courses AvailableA-Level
Career DestinationsUniversity / Apprenticeships
Transferable SkillsInvestigative, problem solving, research, decision making, mathematical skills and analytical skills.

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At SBUSixth, we’re not just educators – we’re architects of scientific exploration. Join us today and be part of an extraordinary journey into the wonders of the chemical world!

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