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Welcome to SBUSixth’s T-Level Health Pathway – Nurturing Healthcare Excellence of Tomorrow!

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the realms of health and wellbeing? Look no further than SBUSixth’s T-Level Health Pathway, your gateway to a future brimming with opportunities in the fields of health and healthcare. Situated in the vibrant heart of Brixton Hill, South London, SBUSixth offers an exceptional and tailored educational journey.

Why Choose SBUSixth’s T-Level Health Pathway?

Our unwavering commitment to your success sets us apart. At SBUSixth, we understand the vital role healthcare plays in society. Our T-Level Health Pathway seamlessly blends theoretical understanding with hands-on practical experience, equipping you with skills valued by leading employers in the healthcare sector.

Exploring the Core Content:

Our comprehensive T-Level Health curriculum empowers you with insights into a diverse array of facets within healthcare. You’ll delve deep into:

  • Foundations of Healthcare: Develop a profound understanding of working within the healthcare sector, health, safety, and environmental regulations, and mastering the art of managing information and data in a healthcare context.
  • Principles of Good Clinical Practice: Uphold the principles of good clinical practice, ensuring the highest standards of care and ethical conduct in healthcare settings.
  • Navigating the Healthcare Landscape: Gain comprehensive knowledge about the healthcare sector. Learn about providing person-centred care, understanding the nuances of health and wellbeing, and developing insights into human anatomy, physiology, diseases, and disorders.
  • Championing Wellbeing and Safety: Acquire expertise in infection prevention and control, mastering the practices that safeguard patient wellbeing and public health.

Empowering with State-of-the-Art Facilities:

SBUSixth takes immense pride in providing state-of-the-art facilities that mirror real-world healthcare environments. Immerse yourself in our modern, technology-rich environment, complete with simulation labs, advanced medical equipment, and resources. Our dedication to superior resources guarantees an immersive, hands-on learning experience.

Personalised Support:

Recognising that each student’s journey is unique, our expert faculty members are dedicated to providing personalised support. From academic guidance to mentorship, we’re here to empower you at every stage of your educational voyage.

Seamless Transition to Higher Education:

Completing our T-Level Health Pathway opens doors to diverse higher education opportunities. Whether your aspirations lead you toward medical studies, allied health professions, or healthcare administration, SBUSixth’s esteemed reputation and partnerships with universities ensure a seamless transition.


QualificationLength of StudyPlacement
T-Level | Level 32 Year CourseIncludes a 45 Day industry placement

Entry Requirements: Grade 5s (including English and Maths)

Creating Your Future in Health:

Your T-Level Health Pathway is not just a qualification – it’s a gateway to a multitude of meaningful roles in the healthcare domain, including:

Embrace the possibilities, nurture your curiosity, and embark on a journey of holistic healthcare excellence! Students can also use this T Level to progress to a related higher-level apprenticeship or course of study at a higher level.

Connect with Us:

At SBUSixth, we’re not just educators – we’re architects of your healthcare future. Join us today and be part of an extraordinary expedition towards excellence in health and wellbeing!

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