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Welcome to SBUSixth’s T-Level Finance Pathway – Shaping Financial Leaders of Tomorrow!

Are you ready to dive into the dynamic world of finance? Look no further than SBUSixth’s T-Level Finance Pathway, your stepping stone to a future brimming with opportunities in the realm of business and finance. Situated in the vibrant heart of Brixton Hill, South London, SBUSixth offers a truly unique and tailored educational experience.

Why choose SBUSixth’s T-Level Finance Pathway?

Our commitment to your success sets us apart. At SBUSixth, we understand the pivotal role finance plays in today’s competitive global landscape. Our T-Level Finance Pathway seamlessly combines theory with a 45 Day placement, ensuring you’re well-equipped with the skills coveted by top employers in the finance sector.

Diving into the Core Content:

Our comprehensive T-Level Finance curriculum is designed to empower you with insights into various aspects of the finance sector. You’ll delve deep into:

  • Understanding the Business Environment: Develop a holistic grasp of business models, tax laws, fundamental principles, and the driving forces for change that shape the financial landscape.
  • Grasping Fundamentals of Financial Accounting: Acquire a solid foundation in essential financial principles, concepts, and practices. Discover how this knowledge interconnects with critical requirements in accounting, bookkeeping, and business mathematics.
  • Nurturing Professionalism and Ethics: Gain an appreciation for professional conduct and responsibilities within the workplace. Navigate ethical dilemmas that individuals, organisations, and professionals might encounter, preparing you to make principled decisions.
  • Embracing Data-Driven Innovation and Analytics: Explore the realm of data governance frameworks and grasp key requirements for successful implementation. Familiarise yourself with contemporary visualisation tools and learn when and how to leverage them effectively for informed decision-making.

Empowering with State-of-the-Art Facilities:

SBUSixth takes immense pride in offering state-of-the-art facilities that mirror those found in the sector. Immerse yourself in our modern, technology-rich environment, complete with high quality business offices similar to that in the real-world. Our dedication to providing superior resources ensures an engaging, hands-on learning experience.

Personalised Support:

Recognising that every student’s journey is distinct, our accomplished faculty members are committed to providing personalised support. From academic guidance to industry mentorship, we’re here to empower you at every step of your educational odyssey.

Seamless Transition to Higher Education:

Completing our T-Level Finance Pathway opens doors to a wide range of higher education opportunities. Whether your aspirations lead you toward a finance, economics, or business degree, or an apprenticeship SBUSixth’s reputable standing and connections with universities and employer partners ensure a seamless transition.


QualificationLength of StudyPlacement
T-Level | Level 32 Year CourseIncludes a 45 Day industry placement

Entry Requirements: Grade 5s (including English and Maths)

What you can I do with this T Level?

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At SBUSixth, we’re not just an institution of learning – we’re here to help you create your future in finance. Join us today and become part of an extraordinary journey toward financial excellence!

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