South Bank University Sixth Form students Shine Bright on Results Day!

Amidst a backdrop of anticipation and excitement, South Bank University Sixth Form’s (SBUSixth) remarkable students opened their A level and Level 3 results today, with some real accomplishments  

Some examples of SBUSixth student success include

Taiwo Salami achieved a Distinction* in Engineering BTEC, an A in A-Level Maths and a B in A-Level Physics. Taiwo said, ” The guidance and support I received at SBUSixth has opened doors to possibilities I had never considered before.” Taiwo is set to embark on a degree apprenticeship at Skanska, a testament to the real-world application of her education at SBUSixth.

Otman Boumnina’s hard work earned him a Double Distinction Star in level 3 BTEC Engineering, an A in A-Level Maths and an A in A-Level Physics. He is heading to Bath University, where he will pursue Aerospace Engineering with a one-year professional placement. 

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Charlize Stennett-Hall, driven by a passion for healthcare is progressing to the University of Northampton, where she will study Midwifery. Achieving the highest possible award of Triple Distinction Star in Health (Distinction*Distinction*Distinction*), Charlize embodies the empathy and dedication that SBUSixth fosters in our students.

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We are thrilled that our membership of the London South Bank University (LSBU) Group has offered a significant range of benefits to students. This innovative educational group has been an instrumental force in shaping the futures of our students, offering a range of opportunities that have enriched their academic and personal growth. 

In addition to 10% of the SBUSixth students progressing to London South Bank University (LSBU), our other students are going to University of Greenwich, University of Portsmouth, University of Wolverhampton, TEDI-London (The Engineering & Design Institute), City University, University of London, University of Bath, University of Westminster, University of Northampton, Swansea University, St. Mary’s University, Queen Mary University and Kingston University to name a few. 

South Bank University Sixth Form CEO, Fiona Morey, said, “At SBUSixth, we take immense pride in our students’ achievements, which are a testament to their hard work and resilience, the dedication of our staff, and the support of families and friends.”

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