Career Pathways

We have complied a whole range of insightful summaries of the main career pathways that students can consider as part of their next steps. We hope that you that you will find some inspiration within our career pathway guides to spark your enthusiasm.

Applied Science and Dental

If you have a passion for problem solving and a great eye for detail, a career in applied science and dental could be ideal for you. The life sciences directly employ over 250,000 people across the UK in more than 6,500 businesses. Careers range from lab-based clinical research to sport and exercise science and there are thousands of exciting opportunities within the sector. Science is continually evolving so you will be working at the forefront of the very latest breakthroughs and discoveries.

Built Environment and Construction

Every building and structure that we create is brought to life by skilled and practical professionals with the vision and capability to realise amazing projects. Whether you are inspired by the practical aspects of construction or see yourself in a planning or leadership role, you can be sure of a wide ranging of exciting opportunities. The built environment and construction industry in Greater London alone requires an additional 5,200 new recruits every year. This could be your opportunity to shape how our great city develops in the future.

Creative and Digital

Encompassing a wide range of skills and disciplines, the creative and digital sector could see you working in fulfilling roles in advertising, esports, video games design or music. The sector shapes the content we consume every day on our phones, tablets, and PCs, and on radio and television. Make your contribution to this dynamic and exciting industry and you will be working at the forefront of technology and entertainment.


Engineers are the superheroes solving problems using science, technology, and creativity to make the world a better place. Almost every industry relies on engineers whose designs and creations that benefit society, making systems work and solving problems. With a UK workforce of over eight million, the engineering sector is always keen to recruit passionate and dedicated individuals who are driven by curiosity and a desire to learn how things work.

Health and Social Care

Take your place in the huge team that works to safeguard the nation’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. The health and social care industry is made-up of a huge variety of organisations and agencies focused on our wellbeing with job roles available in hospitals, dental surgeries, care homes, nurseries and in the community. You will need to display the qualities of kindness, empathy, and dedication to succeed in this highly rewarding sector. With strong demand for new entrants, this industry could offer a lifelong career path.


The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and digitalisation are just a few of the exciting IT-driven developments that are increasingly shaping our world. Careers in the fast-paced and dynamic world of IT are limitless, and most businesses and organisations need qualified individuals to support their everyday operations. You might work to protect hardware and software infrastructures, become a software developer or systems analyst, or specialise in forensics or geospatial technology. The right qualifications will open doors to a myriad of exciting potential pathways.

Sport and Fitness

With a long and proud history of sporting success, the UK is internationally renowned for its prowess from football and rugby to cricket and tennis. Employing over half a million people, Sport England estimates that the sport and leisure sector is worth £39 billion to the UK economy. With strong evidence of the positive impact of sport on both physical and mental health, the fitness industry continues to expand rapidly with career opportunities in a wide range of occupations from sports scientist to physiotherapist and from leisure centre manager to personal trainer.

Hospitality, Catering and Tourism

If you have a passion for meeting new people and a talent for providing exceptional service, the hospitality, catering and tourism sector could be the perfect pathway for you. With a wide range of fast-paced and rewarding careers on offer for the right person, the leisure sector is a dynamic and hugely varied industry. With over three million jobs nationally, and half a million in London alone, there is a huge and growing demand for people with service sector skills. If you’re technically competent and have good communication and interpersonal skills, you can be sure of an exciting future.


As part of a teaching career, you will be helping to shape the minds and futures of individuals whether they are starting out on their learning journey or returning to education to acquire new skills. As well as teaching your favourite subjects, you will help pupils and students to build their confidence and self-esteem enabling them to fulfil their potential. With opportunities to work in maintained or independent schools, colleges, and universities or as a private tutor, getting qualified in education opens door to a lifelong career in learning. With over 24,000 schools, 270 colleges, and 166 universities in the UK, your skills will always be in demand.

Business, Finance, Economics and Marketing

Careers in business help organisations to operate effectively and efficiently, generate income and stay profitable. The engine room of the British economy, job roles in these specialist areas are available in most businesses whether they are small in size or part of multi-national corporate organisations. There are over five million private sector business in the UK employing over 27 million people and new start-ups are launched every year. If you have the ability to think strategically, plan with care and develop your commercial awareness, a career in business could be yours.

The Arts: Performing Arts and Art & Design

The UK arts sector is flourishing and offers a wonderful world of creativity to talented individuals at all levels. With opportunities in performing and visuals arts for film, TV, video, and radio and within the leisure sector, there is no limit to your progression in this exciting sectors. Think laterally and your skills could take you into photography, fashion, or fine art, production, or teaching. There are over two million people working in creative arts in the UK and the sky is the limit with the right qualifications to back up your talent.


The blossoming beauty industry continues to grow in response to the latest trends highlighted by vloggers, make-up artists and social media influencers, generating £27 billion for the UK economy each year. From skincare to make-up artistry and nail art, beauty careers extend to the wellbeing and leisure sector, so employers are always looking for talented and dedicated artists and therapists. Beauty and nail salons are amongst the fastest growing categories of retail and skills in these areas could also see you working in luxury spas or travelling the world on cruise ships.

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