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Post pandemic, the gap for those from disadvantaged backgrounds is more significant than ever. Currently, 87% of our students are from ethnic minorities and 55% are classified as disadvantaged which represents our local community. We understand that to reduce barriers to social mobility, good quality education is not enough; we must also increase student engagement with employer projects, providing access to mentoring and career guidance for higher education, apprenticeships and other employment options. Employers and businesses are key and we are providing opportunities for employers and businesses to support their pledge for action on social mobility and to engage in some of our Employer projects listed below.

Employer Project Day

Employer Project Day is designed to provide pupils with employer engagement and to experience a “day in the life” of a professional. We plan to take students to visit different employers or, to get employers to come to SBUSixth to run workshops that will enhance our student’s professional skills. We are interested in hearing from a wide range of employers in order to deliver what is designed to be a very impactful day.

Business Mentoring

Our business mentoring programme helps connect our students with experienced professionals who can help guide and direct them through the most important steps of their early careers. Each employer volunteer/mentor for this programme can make a huge difference to their mentee. 

Career Fair

We feel very strongly about providing our students with the very best preparation for their next steps. With that in mind, we hosted the inaugural Brixton Careers Fair at SBUSixth on the 1st July 2022. This was a unique opportunity to present students with a wide range of careers and pathways. We had 300+ students from local schools attend.

We welcomed representation from a range of different employers, universities, apprenticeships and career advice providers. The aim was to run a variety of career and employability talks/workshops alongside interactive skill-based workshops in the SBUSixth specialism areas (Health, Engineering, Finance) on an annual basis.

The Career fair was an opportunity to inspire and motivate year 11, year 12 and year 13 students who want to explore career pathways and post 18 options.

Work Experience

It is our mission to develop young professionals with the skills and knowledge for successful careers in the Engineering, Health and Finance industries. We have 2 weeks of work experience scheduled each year, and we are always looking for a variety of work experience opportunities from our employer links to help develop our students’ professional skills in their chosen professional careers. 

Employer Led Projects (ELP)

At SBUSixth, we are invested in providing our students with bespoke opportunities to engage with sponsors and employers in order to help our students develop professional skills.  We are aiming to embed practical projects in taught curriculum with the aid of sponsors and employers. We are particularly interested in working with Engineering, Health and Social Care, Business and Finance related businesses and employers. 

Enrichment Days  

The aim of enrichment days is to use enrichment opportunities to develop moral purpose, social responsibility, cultural capital, health, well-being, confidence and resilience. The Enrichment Day program involves a variety of workshops and trips to museums to enhance students’ personal development. The engagement from employers allows students to interact with professionals, promoting student responsibility and professional skills whilst facilitating discussion and creating stronger connections with students. 

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