Empowering Student Voice: South Bank University Sixth Form Unveils Its Student Union for 2023

At South Bank University Sixth Form (SBUSixth), we pride ourselves on being more than just a hub for academic excellence. We’re a dynamic, student-focused community that bridges the gap between theory and practice, between aspirations and actualisation. Central to this is the invaluable input we receive from our students, and our Student Union plays a pivotal role in this feedback loop.

Why the Student Union Matters at SBUSixth:

Our Student Union is not merely a ceremonial body; it’s the heart and soul of our sixth form, reflecting our commitment to an inclusive, responsive, and modern education. These representatives champion the voices, concerns, and aspirations of our diverse student body, ensuring every SBUSixth scholar feels heard and valued.

Meet Our SBU Sixth Student Union Members 2023:

Leading the charge for a brighter, more inclusive SBUSixth are:

SBUSixth Student union representatives:

  • President: Maripaz M
  • Vice President: William R
  • Treasurer: Daniel M
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ché L
  • ED &I Champion: Emma C
  • Events & Enrichment Champion: Eseosa E
  • Assistant to EDI and Events: Stephanie P

Faculty Champions:

  • Engineering: Haleem O, Toby S, Nathan D, Alfred P
  • Health: Terrene H, Keiyana B, Alison L, Clarissa N
  • Business: Prince A, Ahmed C, Haider Ali H, Badria H, Mark A

From Feedback to Action – Our Commitment to Improvement:

Proof of our pledge to heed student voice? Last year, many expressed the need for enhanced study and interaction spaces. Responding to this feedback, we took swift action. Over the summer, we channelled over £150,000 into the development and refurbishment of various social and study spaces, including a contemporary library learning environment.

The SBUSixth Advantage:

Located in the heart of Brixton, SBUSixth isn’t just a sixth form; it’s a launchpad for future leaders, innovators, and change makers. Specialising in Business, Health, and Engineering, our courses are meticulously designed to suit the dynamic needs of modern industries. Beyond the books, our focus on real-world experiences, connections with industry giants, and our investment in creating the perfect learning environment make us the preferred choice for students seeking a holistic educational experience.

Let’s Co-Create the Future:

Students, it’s your time, your voice, and your sixth form. With our newly elected Student Union members and our commitment to continuous enhancement, the future of SBUSixth is bright. And it’s waiting for you to shape it.

For those inspired to join our vibrant community and experience the SBUSixth difference, apply here:

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