SBUSixth Students Trip to TeamSport Docklands

A Day of Discovery and Speed

Imagine swapping classroom desks for the driver’s seat at a professional racing track. That’s exactly what unfolded for our South Bank University Sixth Form (SBUSixth) students during their recent visit to TeamSport Docklands.

This event, a collaboration with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Driven By Us, was more than just a fun day out; it was a deep dive into the high-speed world of motorsport, designed to inspire and educate our future engineers and racers, particularly from underrepresented backgrounds.

From Simulators to the Real Deal

At SBUSixth, we’ve always believed in learning by doing. Our students, already skilled in virtual racing through our cutting-edge simulator, experienced the thrill of applying their knowledge on an actual track. This was no ordinary field trip; it was a real test of their skills and a fantastic way to see physics and engineering in action.

Learning from the Pros

The day was packed with activities that were both fun and informative. Talks from F1 presenters provided a behind-the-scenes look at the racing world, showing that a career in motorsport is not just a dream but a viable goal. These insights were especially meaningful for students from diverse backgrounds, highlighting the industry’s growing inclusivity.

Hands-On Workshops: The Building Blocks of Racing

The hands-on workshops were a hit! Using LEGO Spike robots, students explored the essentials of engineering. They learned how every small part, from a tiny screw to a complex suspension system, plays a critical role in a car’s performance.

The RC Car session was another interactive highlight. It wasn’t just about racing; it was a practical lesson in how tyres, springs, and suspensions work together to create a winning vehicle.

Empowering Young Aspirants

Special thanks go to the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Driven By Us for opening doors to these experiences. Their dedication to nurturing young talent and providing access to the motorsport world is truly commendable. Along with other charities and organisations, they are pivotal in shaping a more inclusive and diverse future in racing.

Final Thoughts

This trip was a clear example of how education can transcend traditional boundaries, offering real-world experiences and fostering a new generation of skilled, inspired professionals. At SBUSixth, we’re not just about learning; we’re about experiencing, doing, and achieving.

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