Students receiving their award

Hitesh Tailor Awards

It was a proud moment for South Bank UTC last week as three of our students received the prestigious Hitesh Tailor Award.

The award is given to students who have made outstanding progress and attainment during the academic year and was presented to Camron Louis, Kazim Odusanwo and Remmie Mullings by Hitesh Tailor himself.

The Awards took into consideration the student’s overall progress and achievements during the Academic Year 2021-2022. The three winners, Camron Louis, Kazim Odusanwo and Remmie Mullings, were head and neck above their peers in the way they embraced and adopted our values.

Cam’ron Louis was an active member of the student body and often volunteered at open evenings and various school events to support his peers and teachers. At all times professional, he was a role model for ambitious and aspiring students at South Bank UTC. He is currently studying for his degree at the University of Greenwich.

Kazim Odusanwo was committed to his course and achieving a D*DD. He was also willing to take on work experience opportunities throughout his studies to build his portfolio which he was savvy enough to bring along to apprenticeship interviews. He’s currently on a degree apprenticeship with Skanska.

Remmie Mullings was friendly, polite and hardworking. He was an ambassador for the school at open events and would stay behind to assist teachers if they needed – always willing to lend a helping hand. He’s currently working in Manufacturing.

Alongside these three students, and using the same indicators, 10 of our students also received awards for their hard work and effort throughout last year.

The evening was hosted by the school’s Vice Principal Mr Jason Kubilius, the Executive Principal, Dan Cundy & Hitesh Tailor himself the chair of the board at South Bank Academies, we were also fortunate to have Trevor Gordon our Chair of Governors present for the event.

Thank you to everyone who came and made the event so special and a huge thank you to Hitesh for your continued work with our school and trust.

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