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A Fascinating Journey Through Math and History – South Bank University Sixth Form Trip

This week, A-level maths students from South Bank University Sixth Form (SBUSixth) went on an enlightening educational trip to Gresham College.

Under the banner of “Math on Board Games,” SBUSixth’s Year 12 A-level maths students delved into the captivating history of math’s role in creating engaging, entertaining experiences for people over the centuries. The Gresham College lecture hall witnessed a full house, as students, educators, and mathematics enthusiasts eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore the interplay between mathematics and entertainment.

The event uncovered the enthralling history of math board games, demonstrating how mathematics has been cleverly incorporated into games to provide both enjoyment and intellectual challenge. From ancient civilizations to modern times, mathematics has been the backbone of countless games that stimulate the mind while offering hours of amusement.

Participants had the chance to see firsthand how math could transform intricate concepts into interactive and pleasurable experiences. The lecture showcased the flexibility of mathematical principles in crafting games that not only engage but also enhance cognitive abilities.

Throughout the lecture, students were encouraged to engage with the subject matter actively, highlighting the ingenious way math is woven into some of our most beloved board games. The strategic thinking in chess and the probability calculations of Monopoly were just a couple of examples that demonstrated the immense impact mathematics has on the gaming world.

As the lecture reached its conclusion, the audience was left awestruck, their minds ignited by the synergy between math and history. The students left with a newfound appreciation for the incredible connection between mathematics and board games.

SBUSixth is pleased to have been invited on this trip. The lecture has left students eager to explore further and discover the boundless possibilities of mathematics in shaping entertainment experiences. SBUSixth extends an invitation to everyone to join them on December 7th at the open event where attendees can continue their exploration of the fascinating world of mathematics and beyond.

The “Math on Board Games” lecture at Gresham College was a remarkable experience, reminding all in attendance that mathematics isn’t merely about numbers; it’s a key that unlocks a world of fun and learning. SBUSixth is committed to providing exceptional educational experiences and is excited to offer more such events for students in the future.

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