A Day at LSBU Business School – Bridging Aspirations and Real-World Experience

At South Bank University Sixth Form (SBUSixth), we’re passionate about offering our students more than just a traditional classroom education. We believe in expanding horizons and providing practical experiences that bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world application. This belief was beautifully demonstrated yesterday when our Year 12 Business students visited the LSBU Business School for an engaging Event Showcase by final-year students.

SBUSixth is not just about the books; we’re about opening doors. As part of the LSBU Group, we specialise in fields like Engineering, Business & Finance, Health, and Sciences, offering learners comprehensive pathways from Level 2 and 3 to A-Levels. Our connection with the LSBU Group enriches our curriculum and provides unique opportunities for our students to interact with higher education environments early in their academic journey.

The visit to LSBU Business School was an eye-opener for many of our students. They witnessed firsthand how university-level projects are handled and were able to see the culmination of years of study in the Event Management unit. The showcase wasn’t just a display; it was an active learning platform. Our students interacted with their university counterparts, exchanged ideas, and discussed potential future paths in the world of business and beyond.

One of the key takeaways for our students was seeing the level of collaboration and teamwork involved. It’s one thing to learn about project management in a classroom, but watching it unfold at a university level added a layer of excitement and reality to their learning experience. The visit also provided them with a glimpse into student life at a university, helping them visualise a possible future in higher education.

Such experiences are invaluable. They not only complement our academic programmes but also help our students make informed decisions about their future. By participating in events like these, SBUSixth students can better understand the opportunities that await them in university and the professional world.

We look forward to more collaborative experiences with LSBU and other institutions, which continue to enhance our educational offerings and prepare our students for successful futures. For more information about our programmes and future events, stay tuned to our website and feel free to reach out with any queries.

Here’s to more learning, growing, and exploring together!

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