SBUSixth Biomedical Science Trip

Last week, our students at South Bank University Sixth Form had the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of biomedical science during a special visit to our partner university, London South Bank University (LSBU). The event, aptly named Biomedical Science Day, was an inspiring and hands-on experience that left our students eager to delve deeper into this fascinating field.

A Day Packed with Learning

The day began with our students participating in a forensic anthropological profiling challenge. This activity allowed them to step into the shoes of forensic scientists, applying their knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve complex problems. It was a thrilling start to what would be a day full of scientific exploration.

Next, our students donned white lab coats and got to grips with various aspects of biomedical science. They learned about blood grouping, a crucial process in medical diagnostics, and ran Full Blood Counts, gaining insights into how these tests help in understanding health and disease. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, they observed blood cells, malaria parasites, and sickle cells under the microscope, witnessing firsthand the microscopic world that plays such a vital role in human health.

Thank you to our hosts

We are deeply grateful to Jo Sorensen and Dr Ruth Gyereh for hosting this event. Their expertise and enthusiasm made the day both educational and enjoyable. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to the undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students who supported our students throughout the day. Your guidance and knowledge-sharing were invaluable, providing our students with a real-world glimpse into the life of a biomedical scientist.

Inspiring the Future

Our students returned from Biomedical Science Day with a newfound passion for the subject. They are inspired and eager to explore further into the realms of biomedical science, engineering, business, and finance—areas we specialise in at South Bank University Sixth Form.

Events like these are pivotal in shaping the educational journey of our students, offering them hands-on experiences that complement their classroom learning. We look forward to many more such opportunities to inspire and educate our future scientists.

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